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Our Story

Eastern Staffing provides excellence in offshore virtual assistants, designers and developers.

Our roots go back to 2010 when Kristian Pettyjohn started a small web shop in his spare bedroom. In 2012, Kristian met Godwinh Lopez and the two have started a string of projects including: PhotoUp, Folio and Vectto.

As we continued to build out our own companies offshore in the Philippines, Kristian keep getting requests from friends and fellow startups to help them hire a virtual assistant or developers offshore. It was this pull that lead us to launch our dedicated staffing brand Eastern Staffing.

Eastern Staffing now provides dedicated staffing for offshore virtual assistants, graphic designers and developers.

After living in the Philippines from 2012 to 2015, Kristian moved to Bend, Oregon in 2016 and also opened an East Coast office in Grand Rapids, Michigan with business partner Devon Higgins in 2018.

Eastern Staffing is doing some really cool social impact work in the Philippines and the USA. Our core goals are to:

  • Provide middle income jobs on both sides of the pond
  • Provide technical training and leadership development
  • Educate and implement infrastructure for better waste management

Women In Tech

At Eastern we’re proud proponents of Women In Tech, helping facilitate local Women in Tech meetups and having a diverse, supportive and inclusive team culture.