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Hire an Offshore Developer

Eastern provides front-end and back-end web developers, project managers and UI/UX designers.

Backend Developers

We specialize in agile offshore PHP developer staffing, WordPress development and APIs all built on AWS architecture.

Frontend Developers

From pixel perfect HTML and CSS to more advanced native JS, React and Angular, Eastern can provide the frontend developer talent you need.

Tech Friendly Workspace

Our modern, secure workspace is open concept with high-end workstations, redundant fiber and good vibes.

Project Management

Need a PM to wrangle your user stories, keep your sprints in order and test upcoming features? Step right this way. We also provide admin and virtual assistants.

UI/UX Designers

Every product and dev team needs a strong user interface designer to help you balance form and function, provide developer specs and deliver projects on-time and in-budget.

Offshore Developer Staffing

Finding talent is hard. Finding tech talent even harder. Contact sales today to learn how Eastern Staffing can recruit, hire and manage design developer for your company.