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Simple 3-month-rolling contracts.

No Employer Taxes / No Overhead / No Administration


1-2 years experience

The perfect choice for young talent you want to mold to your team’s standards.

as low as

1,350 / month

$8.04 / hour

A junior staff member has 1-2 years of working experience, typically with 2+ years of training in their field or the equivalent.


3-5 years experience

Our most popular staffing level, mids blend real talent with serious cost savings.

as low as

1,800 / month

$10.71 / hour

A mid-level staff member has 3-5 years of working experience, typically with a bachelor degree in their field or the equivalent.


6+ years experience

Able to quickly contribute to complex projects and adhere to standards out-of-the-gate.

as low as

2,700 / month

$16.07 / hour

A senior staff member has 6+ years of working experience with an undergrad or masters degree in their field or equivalent.

(Psssst… save 10% when you convert any staff member to an annual contract)

Staff Smarter

Exceptional staffing starts with relationship. Schedule a discovery call with our US sales team to learn if Eastern Staffing is the right offshore staffing partner for your team.

client testimonials

Nothing matters more to us than taking care of our customers.


VP of Business Development

With our virtual assistant from Eastern Staffing we’ve been able to accelerate our lead generation over 200% and close an average of 20 new accounts per month. We’ve been very impressed!

Lithic Foods



We started with a backend PHP developer in 2015 with Eastern Staffing and haven’t looked back. They’ve enabled us to decode data from satellite feeds and display beautiful data to our customers from remote off-the-grid worksites.



Managing Partner

Eastern Staffing helped us to hire a javascript developer and a phenomenal frontend developer and stay within our budget.



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Save 20% on your first month when you schedule a business discovery call with our USA team online.

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